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Wilson Fabricators and Builders are one of the major fabricators and also a popular provider of Eco-friendly stoves with which you can save 40-60 % wood. We started our business in Nepal, 20 years back. Since then, we have never looked back and have been the leading fabricators, throughout India. The manufacturing unit is equipped with modern machines and a qualified and dedicated workforce. The ultra modern techniques and continuous quality checks ensure delivery of products of highest quality. We strive to make your job easier and your food better, through our eco-friendly stoves.

As nature is being destroyed for various reasons, be it for the construction of a company, for houses or for expansion of roads etc. So, we at Wilson Fabrications and Builders came up with the idea of Eco-friendly products in the fabrication industry. Thus, we offer services like Eco-friendly stoves, Multipurpose stoves, Barbecues, Shil kabbabs, Picnic purpose stoves and Special stoves especially for usage in the rural areas which would reduce the usage of wood by 40%-60%. Besides this, fabrication work for residential and commercial firms is also our core service. We deliver an excellent quality, highly durable and eye-catching service which definitely will fulfill the needs and expectations of the client.

We were established 20 years before in Nepal and have immense industrial experience in this field. We also have a branch in Bangalore from the year 2011. Under the assistance of our experts...

We manufacture Eco-friendly products which are thebest in quality and are very helpful as they reduce pollution.  Thus, they help us give the best products. We maintain high standards of quality in all manufacturing procedures, to give the best...